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New strategic partnership

Waytobill, a provider of recurring payment solutions in the Nordic region, has announced its partnership with Winorg, a renowned Norwegian cloud-based system empowering non-governmental organisations in particular. This strategic collaboration is aimed at helping organisations streamline their daily operations and customer relationships, providing a seamless experience for their users. 

Stockholm, Sweden and Oslo, Norway - 25.04.2023

The integration of Waytobill's payment solution with Winorg’s CRM allows diverse associations and non-profits to efficiently manage day-to-day processes such as payment monitoring, customer onboarding, and retention. By connecting Winorg with Waytobill, CRM specialists, telesales agents, and managers opt for an automated payment synchronisation with their preferred organisation system, which allows for real-time payment updates, while eliminating the need for additional tools. 

Nordic countries have a high rate of membership and non-governmental organisations, with millions of people financially supporting charities or belonging to member-only organisations and clubs. This partnership between Waytobill and Winorg aims to cater to the growing need for subscription payments and automated solutions for organisations that operate with monthly donations or fees. 

“At Waytobill, we are committed to providing innovative and seamless payment solutions to organisations. The cooperation with Winorg is a step forward in revolutionising payments for Nordic organisations, and we are proud to be a part of it”, said Magnus Bendelin, the CEO at Waytobill.

Kim Roger Elverhøy, the Sales and Marketing Manager at Winorg, stated, “Payments are one of the most challenging aspects of organisation management in the NGO sector. With Waytobill, we can streamline payment processes and provide our clients with a unified payment tool that caters to the varying needs of different Nordic countries.” 

With Waytobill’s payment plugin available in Winorg’s systems, organisations can transform how they manage their payments and streamline daily operations, ensuring a seamless experience for both the organisation and its customers. 

Waytobill is the innovative answer to subscription business problems. Waytobill’s Digital Autogiro helps businesses and organisations improve conversion rates and subscriber retention with a secure, transparent, and reliable checkout.

Winorg is a Norwegian technology company with a sole focus on helping Nordic non-governmental organisations succeed. Winorg’s solutions are at the heart of many of Nordic’s leading organisations and cover a wide range of organisations’ activities. 

Contact: Kamila Palka press@waytobill.com



Waytobill is a Swedish user-friendly payment plug-in system for telesales and subscription companies, providing an optimized and smart way of increasing sales conversion and profitability of subscription businesses. By specializing in subscription checkout with a tailor-made approach, we can help businesses increase the number of paid orders and their recurring volume.

Magnus Bendelin, CEO, and Alejandro Pino, CTO, are the founders of Waytobill. Magnus has previous experience in the finance and fintech industry in start-up and scale-up. Alejandro is an experienced tech and product developer within the payment industry. 


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